ANOTHER SEASON of the popular 7-Speed competition starts on MONDAY 6TH JULY and everyone is welcomed to join in. Last season, Bongwater narrowly won thanks to having a better points average than second-placed SS. Thank you to everyone who took part – we hope you enjoyed it – and congratulations go to BW.

Prior to Season 11, UIC Swiss, founders of 7-Speed, and ILC got together to bring back this popular competition on Mondays at 3pm EST and 6pm EST for anyone interested in playing. Since the ILC roster is larger, we decided to have ILC host 7-Speed using its MyLeague website, so anyone registered for normal ILC can freely compete in 7-Speed.

If you've played 7-Speed before you will know that each tourney is seven rounds of mixed games – we have gone for Regular 8, Last Pocket, Four Corners, Poster Bed, Blue & Black, First Pocket and League's Choice (which is a new idea), so a nice mixture of interesting games to entertain you! Each week a league will choose a game of their choice for Round 7 – see the Rules & History page (Rule 4G) for full details of how this works. Ball in hand will apply in all games. To help speed up the flow of tournaments, please set all table timers at 30 seconds.

7-Speed is run only as a team event and entry is unrestricted. There is an exciting scoring system to give players of all standards equal opportunity to score well for their respective teams. All players will be graded into Groups A or B, with Group A players scoring 1 point per win and Group B players scoring 2 points per win. All the wins gained by a team in a tourney will be added together and divided by the number of players taking part, which will give an average score. Therefore, it does not matter if BW have 15 players participating compared to the five from HH – the average score will allow ALL teams, big and small, to compete evenly together. Good idea huh? Well, we think so since 7-Speed has worked well successfully for eleven previous competitions.

Season 11 will run for SEVEN WEEKS (had to be seven, of course!) and the team with the best average at the end of the 14 tourneys will be the 7-Speed champions. New for Season 12 is the addition of JASON (HH_undeadnight666) to the admin team – Jason will be assisting Kerry and Nigel with the organisation. One of his roles will be to establish a league's choice for Round 7 each week –he will also oversee games and help with reporting and any issues.

Do we need another interleague? Possibly yes, possibly no. But we are trying our best to give YOU, a member of our pool community, another competition to help keep you occupied and interested during these worrying times of world adversity. There is little to be happy about with COVID-19 running rampant but we can all stay at home on a Monday and enjoy our new competitive 7-Speed!


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